Life is really about a spiritual unfolding that is personal and enchanting an unfolding that no Science or Philosophy has yet fully clarified. During this journey besides love and happiness, we All experience tension, struggle, anger, hardships and other negative emotions. This saps our Positive energy and Once can never lead a positive life with negative mind.
In the race of money, science and technology , people have lost peace. Peace is not just absence of War it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition of benevolence and confidence. It can't be purchased but can only attained, attained only at a place where you can feel your soul within.
Belonging to Indian family and Hotel Management background I observed the life of nuclear people Where nobody has any time for themselves. Everybody is running a mad rate race. People are Working hard to make the ends meet, to give their families comfortable life but in order to do so They are unknowingly playing with their health, deteriorating their mental peace and are actually Digging their own grave. That's when i got shifted in a Spa of Thailand and realized that people Living there also work hard and sleep less but then to improve their health, they regularly visit Spas and that's how we made this our main aim! We decided to come back to India and open a venture, a paradise of serenity where people would relax. Experience peace and de stress their mind.
In today's world, where stress looms every second, one certainly needs a short break to get away. A short trip to the tropics is a great way to de-stress but it takes time, money and efforts to plan such a trip and how is it possible for a person who doesn't even get a six hour sleep?
Well in such a situation a trip to spa is definitely quick , better and affordable . This is How Sawadika Spa come to existence.
At Sawadika we visualize all our clients to shed off mental burden , physical stress but relax, rejoice and most importantly , being happy. We want Them to realize.
"Success is not the key to happiness but happiness is the key to success"'
Experience the true happiness and peace and we assure you'd be successful.
Just like the writer grows in caring for his idea, the teacher grows in caring for his students the Parents grow in caring for their children, Sawadika spa grow in caring for people's health and comfort.
Our happiness not lie in the size of our office on title of our business card. It is about the depth of our commitment and passion to give you best service.

Surya Niketan

22, Kapil Vihar Opp

Metro Pillar No - 353

New delhi- 110034
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Surya Niketan, Main Road

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mall, Vaibhav Khand, Indirapuram,

Ghaziabad - 201010 ( U.P.)

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